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How long before humans go extinct


The supercomputer calculated the date when mankind will go extinct

A supercomputer that was created half a century ago, which was designed to predict the patterns of development of the human civilization, seems to have given its most terrible forecast. It calculated when the human civilization would go extinct.


The so called “World One” computational computer believes that life as we know it will disappear by 2050. The same supercomputer had previously accurately predicted a decline in the availability of natural resources and vital minerals, bringing credibility of its projections to a level that is substantially measurable.

Scientists have created a device commissioned by the Club of Rome in such a way that it takes into account many factors, such as the birth rate and the level of environmental pollution. And then, the supercomputer makes a prediction of what life will be like under these conditions.

It previously predicted that in 2020, the state of the planet would be “extremely critical.” According to the findings of the machine, the pollution of the planet should reach such a level that a significant number of people will die from it, and the quality of life will drop to a critical level. All this would lead to a reduction in the population that the total count of people should become less than in 1900.


“At this stage, approximately from 2040 to 2050, civilized life as we know it on this planet will eventually cease to exist,” the machine predicted. At the same time, the computer warned that the transition to more environmentally friendly cars and a decrease in the birth rate will no longer be able to change the circumstances to ensure the survival of the world.

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